Sunday, 14 February 2016

Day 2238 & 2239 (13 & 14/02/2016)

Last year I told loads of my clients that from the start of this year I wasn't taking on any more large enquiries due to the amount of training I am doing and as I want more time off (especially time off with my wife) but I still do some work for some clients. I had a bit of a backlog but managed to catchup quite a bit today.

After the next few months, when I have booked far too many courses around the world, life should be easier, which will be so nice.

Sunday was Valentines Day so I bought my wife some flowers and made a nice meal.

 We started with some Sushi and a bottle of Bucks Fizz.


Then had a very nice paella, with lots of extra fish bits.

Then a lemon meringue.

Then in the even we shared some nice cakes with our latte.

We may have drunk slightly too much but had a nice evening.

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