Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 2244 (19/02/2016)

The course went well and there was even cake.

I managed to change before walking back to the train station. I didn't really see anything of Stockholm as the train station, my hotel (where I eat on both nights) and the location of the training were all in the same street.

I got the airport, had something to eat then found somewhere comfortable to sit to have a nap, before getting on the plane.

We were told the weather was bad and had to be sprayed with de-icer before taking off.

 Lunch was a bit less than on the outward journey.

It was shortly afterwards they put out a call for anyone with medical knowledge and luckily there seemed to be 4 Doctors and a Nurse on the plane, who went to deal with a passenger at the rear of the plane.

Then there was a lot of turbulence, with people being told to take their seats. I just turned my music up and sat tight.

We managed to drop a few thousand feet and sped up arriving at Heathrow about 20 minutes early and landed straight away and went straight to a terminal to let paramedics on, before we were allowed off.

These paramedics seemed to be airport paramedics as opposed to ambulance staff, they also seemed in no hurry to take the patient off of the plane, so it didn't look that good for whoever had been taken ill.

Then a long drive home in the rain.

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