Saturday, 27 February 2016

Day 2250 (25/02/2016)

I was up early and drove to London to give a talk at a Tenancy Fraud Forum in Camden.

The food was very nice but the plates were ridiculously small, limiting the amount I could have :-(

I took the photo of the hall I presented in whilst everyone was still at lunch, honestly it was packed when I did my talk, which thankfully was very well received.

As a result I was asked if I could do some of them some presentations / courses, which I agreed to. I know I was going to stop but I think it's more a case of just doing less with no more than two courses a month from the spring onwards.

I had a slight view of Wembley Stadium on the way back to my car which I had parked in Harrow.

The journey was a nightmare, with awful traffic on the M1 & M6, so I didn't arrive until 9pm (my stanav had originally predicated 7pm), I got to the hotel and as a reward / punishment for being late checking-in was once again given the room for people with disabilities. Personally I don't mind as the rooms tend to be slightly bigger with much more room in the bathroom and but the sinks tend to be a bit low for people in wheelchairs (ironically this gives me a bad back).  

I hadn't really eaten but thankfully the hotel had room service, so I had a pizza and then went to bed.

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