Saturday, 27 February 2016

Day 2251 (26/02/2016)

On Friday I gave a talk at the International Crime and Intelligence Analysis Conference in Manchester.

I was asked to do it by an old colleague (the first analyst I ever met in around 1993), so I couldn't say no and it was great to catch up with him.

Being around so many police staff I may have ripped into the Met, WMP & College of Policing a bit too much (if that's possible) but I think it was fairly well received.

I didn't stay for lunch but wanted to get home as I have so much to do before flying out on Sunday.

When I got home I got my post, which confirmed it was a speed camera I  set-off on the motorway the other night coming back from Heathrow. On the plus side I was doing 7 miles an hour less than when I got last time in 1998 and don't have to attend one of those speed awareness classes. On the bad side its £100 and 3 points. Oh well, if I only get caught once ever 18 years I can live with that.

Time for a new smaller (slower) car.

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