Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 2448 & 2449 (10 & 11/09/2016)

A really busy weekend as I have loads to do and am going to London Sunday lunchtime as I'm seeing a show in the the evening.

So Saturday was basically spent getting the course ready but I had time to treat myself to an ice-cream.

I bought some stuff to do a Sunday dinner tonight and also bought my wife some flowers.

Aren't I lovely.

So we had a nice Sunday dinner on Saturday, Lamb Shanks & roast potatoes :-)

Sunday was just a mad rush to get enough work done so I could go away without anything to do of an evening. I was leaving early on Sunday, so I could see a Richard Herring show, so my wife arrived back from work just in time to take me to the railway station.

The train was packed but I had booked a first class ticket this time, so I was sat comfortably.

I checked-in to the Civil Service Club, where annoyingly I was given the small room on the 5th floor again.

I don't mind it being small, its just that it is very hot on the 5th floor and the lift only goes up to the 4th floor, so I have to carry me heavy bags up the last flight of stairs (and back down, every day to get to the training room).

Once I was settled in I went into Leicester Square, to get my usual food on such evenings, so Chinese things.

Followed by a slice of pizza.

And an ice-cream.

Then off to the Leicester Square Theatre, to see Richard Herring and the old gang in the new series of AIOTM (AIOTM)

I really enjoyed it but missed my wife.

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