Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 2444 (06/09/2016)

I managed to get the last of the reports done in the morning, which meant I could leave for Ireland without much extra to do.

Every other time I've done training in Ireland it has been in Dublin, so I get to the airport, grab a cab and with 15minutes I'm in my hotel. Unfortunately this weeks training is in Galway, on the other side of Ireland. There is a nearer airport but the dates didn't match the flights, and I would have had to arrive a day early and then leave a day later. So I had to hire a car a drive from one side of Ireland to the other. We think of Ireland as a fairly small country and it is, until you have to drive across it. Plus the signs are in Kilometres not Miles, so at about 220 kilometres it looks a depressingly long way.

So in a car had never driven before (a Renault Clio), on roads I had never driven on before (they are new since I was here last and are OK but have toll booths every so often) I set off and a mere 2 1/2 hrs later I was in Galway trying to find my hotel.

The hotel was quite nice but by the time I got there room-service was closing so I ordered my dinner from reception.


And then to sleep.

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