Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 2446 (08/09/2016)

It was an even early start today as the plan was to finish by 3:30pm and drive back to the airport but I hadn't accounted for it being quite so far, having to stop for the toll booths, refuelling, getting to the car depot and then getting to the airport for a 7:30pm flight, allowing enough time to get thru security, which always takes a good 30minutes.

Unfortunately today the Dublin bus drivers went on strike and they were warning of bad traffic hold-ups, so we had shorter breaks and finished at 3:00pm. I then had to drive like crazy. For a small car the Renault Clio did a remarkable 165 kph, only just a bit over the limit.  

After making great time I got the the car depot at 5:30pm and then had to sit around for the minibus to the airport. Bloody Ryan Air, remind never to book anything with them again.

Thankfully once at the airport and thru security I was able to grab a some food at Starbucks.

Then caught the flight home and a chance to catch up on my sleep.

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