Saturday, 3 September 2016

Day 2438 (31/08/2016)

No cars on fire last night, so it was a fairly good nights sleep sand then another nice breakfast at The White Horse (obviously I only had healthy fruit & yogurt).

Then we went for wander along the beach in the sunshine.

Then a nice afternoon tea in one of our favourite tea shops.

Then we left to drive to London to catch up with Thomas. It was an awful journey, mostly because we went via his new place in Hackney, which is actually quite nice.

So it was quite late when we arrived at the hotel but as we were meeting Thomas after work it didn't matter much.

So we had a later diner at Cafe Football, where Thomas got involved in the deadline day news as there was some French player I had never heard of, clearly involved in getting into or out of a deal.

Then back to the hotel to collapse and sleep (totally knackered).

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