Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 2371 & 2372 (25 & 26/06/2016)

I busy weekend as I'm flying to the Isle of Man on Sunday to run some training courses there next week.

I took some time out to tidy the drive and hedge, with my once a year de-weed.

Sunday was busy but I managed to make a nice diner for me and my wife before leaving for the Isle of Man.

I was flying from Gloucester Airport (no honestly they do have an airport, just not a very big one). The journey should have taken 90minutes but when I put my sat-nav on it was saying it would take me about 2hrs 30minutes, meaning I wasn't going to arrive until after my plane had left.

There wasn't n accident or road works,just a lots of traffic, which had mostly cleared by Bristol, meaning I was going to be cutting it fine for the flight. Then my sat-nav froze and I had to phone home for directions.

I got to the airport 20minutes before the flight but they let me check-in.

The plane is fairly small and it was a bit of a windy journey all in cloud cover, so was a bit like being on a roller coaster whilst wearing a blindfold.

I was glad to arrive, even if it was raining lots on the Island.

Then a quick journey to my hotel, which is strangely the same one I stayed in about 4 years ago.

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