Monday, 11 April 2016

Day 2294 & 2295 (09 & 10/04/2016)

A busy weekend but I only managed to do a bit of work. I renewed my subscription for the garden collection and am aiming to cover the whole wheelie bin in different coloured stickers as my way of protesting the increased charges.

I then drove up to Bristol in Kim's old car to let someone have it.

It is still a very good car, even though it is 16yrs old but it is just sat on my driveway as Thomas is no longer using it and it is just costing me money in tax & insurance, so I was happy to pass it on for free to someone whose daughter desperately needed a car.

Then for the third day running I went in the car wash in a different car.

My wife had a 40/1 winner on The Grand National, so we were happy Saturday night but had already arranged something for dinner so didn't end up celebrating.

I did a nice Salmon Wellington with nice veg and a hollandaise sauce for dinner on Sunday.

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