Saturday, 30 April 2016

Day 2315 & 2316 (30/04 & 01/05/2016)

I got up early and went out and picked up a new printer (I could have claimed on the warranty but it was only £65 and I would have spent ages arguing about it, so couldn't be bothered). I bought exactly the same printer as last time as I had only bought a load of spare printer cartridges the other week.

I also bought a new tablet, as if I'm spending a long time abroad I think I should sign up for Netflix.

My wife made some nice pancakes for breakfast.

It's a new month already, so time for a new Kylie picture.

A bit different but still lovely, nearly as lovely as my wife :-)

Did a nice starter with parma ham & baked halloumi.

And a nice roast lamb for dinner :-)

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