Sunday, 17 January 2016

Day 2211 (17/01/2016)

Another early cold morning on the train to the venue for the last day of this course.

The course went well, in fact much better than I feared, as when I first turned up yesterday I was told that everyone in the room was already involved in gathering information from the internet.I feared that they were going to know everything I had to say and that my material would only last a few hours, not the two days the course was booked for.

In any event, other than the guy who had attended one of my courses a couple of years ago, the whole course was new material to everyone and they were very grateful for my input.

It would have been a rush to catch a flight home, so I had booked to stay another night and catch a flight back tomorrow, so I can have a lie-in.

In the evening I went to the nearby shopping mall,to the Nacho's Buffet, another disappointment.

In the evening I watched some more YouTube video's (my usual entertainment), including Live Aid from 1985, Queen & U2 were fantastic. Freddie Mercury is a real loss; Bono has always been a pretentious tit but what a show he puts on.

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