Sunday, 10 January 2016

Day 2203 & 2204 (09 & 10/01/2016)

Saturday was spent still preparing for the course and then doing a bit of work left over from the the start of December.

In the evening we had Chinese & a bottle of wine, both of which went down well.

Then Sunday it was an early start for a coach to Heathrow, which I mostly slept through.

I never enjoy the airport experience of check-in & security and then the waiting around on uncomfortable seats; however as I had a few bags with me and I knew I had a few hours to kill I had paid for a Club Europe ticket, not quite business class but about 50% more for a ticket (about another £175).

Club Europe has the same priority check-in & security as first & business class and that was very nice and very quick. No standing about with hundreds of other people waiting to be checked. No taking your laptop out of its bag and outing it into a separate tray, just tell them your bag has a laptop.

Then use of the complementary lounge where all the food and drink if free. I had some nice fruit & yogurt and a fresh orange juice but as I was leaving there were trays of curry and pasta dishes, plus unlimited wine.

I spent the time recharging my laptop and watching a Motörhead documentary on one of the computers provided for these hard working business travelers.

Then off to the departure gates, where against n we were allowed to board first, to our roomy seats. The row of there seats had been arranged so the middle one was a tray, so you didn't have to talk to the person your sat close to. I had a window seat, which for a change wasn't squashed against the window but was nicely set up allow for a comfortable journey.

I could have easily slept for the whole journey as I normally do but figured that we were in for some nice food and drink, which we were bound to get.

I went for the baked halloumi rather then the hake (my wife would of had the fish which looked nice).

As the man sat in my row wanted to sleep he was offered the row opposite which was empty, so I had a row to myself, plus two helpings of halloumi and two bottles of wine (my head was swimming after the second bottle).

The people at the rear of the plane were all unaware of this as the curtain had been closed, so I'm guessing the had nothing to eat or drink (as the flight was only about 2hrs long) and the were left wondering why we had paid the extra.

The journey was over too quickly. I could easily get to used to travelling business or first class but on the way home I'm travelling economy and in a couple of weeks am flying Ryan Air. It's a costly extravagance, which is usually hard to justify but I hate being away so I may indulge more often if the budget allows. This week my company is being paid quiet well, so I may even upgrade for the journey back.

Arriving in Copenhagen it was noticeable dark, very cold, wet and misty. I may not have fully dressed for the weather :-(

The hotel room is OK and I had a burger at the bar in the evening, it was OK but I don't want to eat here for 8 days.

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