Saturday, 9 January 2016

Day 2202 (08/01/2016)

Golly what a busy time in the office, printing and packaging up the material for two courses (28 students means there are a lot of handouts).

I hate being away and I hate work actually; so at time like these I wonder why I agreed to do two courses, as that means I'm away for more than a week (OK, its only 8 days, for a 5 day course immediately followed by a 2 day course, but that 8 days away alone and two Sundays roasts I'm missing out on) and I'm racked with the usual self doubt, worrying if perhaps this course will be the one when everyone in the room knows more than anyway.

I've been doing these courses for over 12 years but still worry every time that I will get to a place and know less than the people that have paid me to teach them; even though that is yet to happen.

I have had times when some individuals in the class let me know how good they are at the start of the course but they have without exception always been found to be lacking actual practical experience during the course; so I shouldn't worry, but I do, every time.

Of course the real reason I agreed to do these two courses was it was two pay days in the week and the money comes in quite handy.

My leg is still stinging but on the mend.

But I decided against going for a swim as I thought it might sting a bit.

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