Thursday, 7 January 2016

Day 2201 (07/01/2016)

Very busy in the office with work to do and next weeks courses to prepare for.

I went out before lunch to drop off the thank-you bottles of champagne to the guys that do my computers (they closed for Christmas early) with the intention of then going to the gym for a swim afterwards but on the way out I slipped on their muddy paving slabs and slipped out, half on the paving slabs and half in the muddy grass.

The mud probably saved me from hurting myself more than I did but I ended up twisting my left knee and cutting my right leg, the one which I have to try avoid cutting or getting any infection in.

I went straight home, showered, covered my leg in antiseptic cream and took my emergency antibiotics.

Then spent the rest of the day working but feeling sorry for myself :-(

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