Friday, 29 July 2016

Day 2403 (27/07/2016)

A day mixed of emotion as most years; for although it is my birthday it will firstly always be the day we lost Kim.

It is 5 years since she died and we all miss her so much. She would have loved how the kids have grown up and the people they have become. I miss being able to argue about politics with her, which was water of a ducks back to both of us. I am sure she would be supporting Corbyn and would love the fact that he has dragged me back towards Labour, the party of war criminals as I always referred to them as after the Blair years.

The EU vote would have provided the background to many a conversation.

all so very sad.

In the morning I had a very personalised Google page :-)

I saw my accountant in the morning, then went into town to buy a proper splint for my finger and some Sushi for lunch.

Then we went to Bridgwater in the afternoon to put some fresh flowers on the grave before going to my Mum & Dad's for tea & birthday cake, which was a giant chocolate bourbon.

I had fancied Mexican for dinner but the Mexican restaurant was closed, so I bought some stuff for a bit of a Mexican Feast.

It was great.

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