Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Day 2399 & 2400 (23 & 24/07/2016)

The day started with me catching up on my work, opening my new box of memory sticks,

and having a nice breakfast.

Then the whole weekend took a bit of an nasty turn as my mother-in-law was hit by a slow moving car and ended up in the BRI with a fractured knee.

We spent most of the weekend there, although as it turns out she didn't need an operation in the end but was put in a large leg brace and now faces a couple of months of physiotherapy and of taking it easy. It also really brought home how old and frail she is, which isn't easy on anyone involved.

The BRI now has a few shops in the receptions are, nice tasty ones like Costa & M&S and useful ones like W H Smith, where they stock those last minutes essentials for your stay in hospital.

Strange but true, although I suppose it cold have been a bit worse.

Plus whilst its never a good time to be hanging around a hospital, this really wasn't a good week to spend in the BRI, as it's the anniversary of Kim being in there.

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