Friday, 18 December 2015

Day 2180 (17/12/2015)

A mixture of lots of work to do and being good. I phoned the local food bank and asked what they were short of and bought them some stuff as a donation from my company (if I had asked my wife she would have agreed to make it a donation from us but I am happy to use my works funds for good causes as it makes better about some of the stuff I do).

The trolley & car were full but it wasn't that much really, certainly a lot less than I had intended to spend so I said I would get some more for them the following day.

They were very grateful and offered to send a letter of thanks but I said not to bother its only me in the company, so why waste money on the printing, paper and the stamp.

In the evening the local round-table were collecting with Santa.

It is silly but I always look forward to this, and I hate Christmas.

Then later Kelly / Lee came home for Christmas, which was great.

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