Saturday, 5 December 2015

Day 2163 (30/11/2015)

It was a very very early start and drive to the airport to catch an early flight to Dublin, so I could give a couple of presentations. I slept on the flight but woke when the landing gear was engaged and realised that I must have missed quite a bumpy journey as the plane was being buffeted by the wind.

I grabbed a very nice granola yoghurt & honey type pot for breakfast at the airport, which was lovely and kept me awake. 

Then off to the venue, for a couple of presentations which went well and resulted in the asking i f I could come back for some longer courses. I suppose that is good but at this rate I will never retire before the summer next year.

Then off to the hotel. I hadn't stayed at this one before and it was quite nice.

I saw there was an Indian restaurant nearby some went there for dinner but it wasn't great.

Then back to the hotel where I collapsed into an early sleep.

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