Monday, 21 December 2015

Day 2182 & 2183 (19 & 20/12/2015)

A busy weekend of work, still trying to catch-up, which will probably take me until the middle of
January if nothing else comes in.

Saturday started with some great pancakes from Kelly.

In the evening Kelly went off to pick a friend up and my wife went on her works Christmas Do, so I was alone and thought to save time I would have a small fish & chips.

And that was small, thankfully I didn't go for the large.

On Sunday my wife seemed to be suffering from food poisoning and wasn't very well, so had to stay home, near a toilet and a bucket :-(

I popped out and managed to do about 80% of my Christmas shopping in the Spar shop.

In the evening I made a meal from the food pack that my wife had bought, which was quite nice, today it was cranberry & cream-cheese chicken roulades.

It was quite tasty; although my wife had to have dry toast.

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