Saturday, 17 June 2017

Day 2723 (13/06/2017)

It started as a normal day, with still loads of work to do but before lunch I heard that our constant pointing out of the law to my former employers had eventually got them to make the announcement that they would no longer be reviewing our pensions.

It has taken far too long but still came as a shock, as we have a number of court actions pending against them (still) and there was no indication that they were going to change their approach.

Whilst it could have made life slightly difficult for us, others were having to sell their houses in case they were unable to make mortgage payments should their pensions be reduced.

So all in all it was very welcome but we will not stop our campaign until we get a full apology and those responsible lose their jobs. Plus people in other parts of the country are still at risk, so we need to keep the pressure on until it is a national government order that they will never try to review us again.

Anyway to celebrate we had two for Tuesday :-)

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