Sunday, 28 May 2017

Day 2706 & 2707 (27 & 28/05/2017)

I was up early to carry on with the never ending amount of work. After a nice breakfast and more work i went over to visit the Wells Comedy Festival, where I had tickets for a couple of Richard Herring shows.

It was nice to force myself out of the office for the day as otherwise I would have stayed at my desk for the whole day.  

 After a break of a few weeks it was back to my Mum & Dads for breakfast on Sunday.

Then back to do some work before having a BBQ, which was partially broken with a rain shower.

With a nice & fat too strong jugs of Pimms.

Did a nice afters of BBQ baked peaches, with crushed amaretto biscuits, meringue & creme fraiche, which was very nice.

I know I have been really busy with work this week but I am determined to relax more and spend time in my garden this summer.

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