Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Day 2680 (01/05/2017)

May Bank Holiday Monday, so a new Kylie picture on the calendar.

The day started with a nice breakfast, using Tony's chicken's eggs, which are very tasty.

Then after doing some work in the office, then filling the washer bottles in the cars I tackled thew garden, fore the first time this year. There were still leaves piled up from the winter and the grass is basically full of moss & weeds.

The hedge-man is coming over on Wednesday to see about re-turfing the grass, so I needed to make it a bit more presentable.    

It looked a lot better afterwards but I was knackered.

The plan is to have a BBQ every week this summer and actually make use of the garden, which I hope comes off as I have been looking at some tasty BBQ recipes.

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