Saturday, 11 February 2017

Day 2600 (10/02/2017)

Another day another hour spent on the phone to BT but this morning it was to my personal complaint handler who was frankly embarrassed at my treatment and agreed that it might actually be quicker and easier for me to move than wait for fibre broadband been reconnected to my house.

Oh good.

Went to the gym fort another swim, so that's another week with daily swimming session, and around 125 lengths swum.

Nice fruit & yogurt for lunch.

In the afternoon my BT broadband came to life, which surprised my personal complaint handler, who couldn't understand why that happened.

Whilst it's nice to have Internet back to my house it is actually bad for a few reasons.

Firstly its ADSL not Fibre, so the speed is pathetic and not good enough for our requirements.

Secondly it confirms that my fibre has defiantly now been disconnected and seeing as the local exchange was full with a waiting list, I suspect that my connection has now been given to someone else and there is no date for it to be upgraded.

What f**king joy.

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