Friday, 2 December 2016

Day 2530 (01/12/2016)

It was a very early start to make sure I got to the venue on time.

Originally I was told it was starting at 7:30am and I had to talk for 15minutes but when I got there it had changed to starting at 8:00am and I had to talk for about 35minutes and then take questions.

The talk went really well and afterwards I had a nice chat to the solicitors who had booked me to do it. Hopefully we will get lots more work as a result.

As a thank-you they give me a €100 voucher to spend at the airport. I thought I would be nice and buy my wife some nice toiletries but what I should have done is bought the worlds biggest bar or Toblerone.

After landing back in Bristol it was really foggy, all the way home, with a strange translucent white light. It was almost horror film like.

When I got home I had to have a sleep so didn't get around to doing any work.

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