Friday, 2 December 2016

Day 2529 (30/11/2016)

I got up early to do some work before going to Dublin later.

I offered to deice my wife's car in the morning as it was very cold and frosty.


In the afternoon I was packing for Dublin and realised that nearly all of my clothes were in the wash and I had one shirt and one pair of pants to take with me, which was slightly annoying.

I caught the plane from Bristol and then ended up stuck in traffic in Dublin. So I didn't arrive at the hotel until around 7pm.

I wasn't able to relax straightaway as I had to deal with a few staff issues. Running a business is so full time. I can't wait until we have more staff, so we can be a bit more flexible with them and for our managers to run the company. We will then have very little to do but just count our money. OK, I dreaming but it might be like that in a year.

The room was OK but for some reasons they had put me in a room with 3 beds in.

Had a nice steak dinner for room service.

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