Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Day 2489 (21/10/2016)

Our last morning, so we went back to the Coliseum bought some more guide tickets, so we didn't have to queue much but got to see inside quickly. The guide was quite interesting as showed pictures of how it had looked, which gave us a much better understanding.




Then a rush back to the hotel and a sit down to recover before getting back on the van to take us to the airport.

When we got their our flight was delayed by 90minutes so we went for something to eat which was quite nice, as tee had big pans of fresh pasta and you decide which sauce you wanted with it.

On the plane there was a woman who had 3 tickets for her and her 8yr old daughter, but they were sat in our seats and I was too tired to give up our seats together to accommodate idiots who can't find the right seat, even though they all in numbered rows etc.

I think, if it's a plane, a train, a cinema or the theatre, if you do not have some form of learning disability or impairment then if you can't find your seat when then are all numbered / lettered, then you shouldn't be allowed on. Garage but these people always annoy me. "Sorry I thought these wee out seats" have you never seen the alphabet in action, can you not count, just Fuck Off.

Then asleep nearly all the way back to Bristol.

On the coach, from the airport to the car park, I was putting our luggage next to the luggage rack, when an elderly man (who I just referred to as a C**T during the incident) swung his suit cases into the rack, smashing my finger against the rail, which really hurt (and drew some blood).  

Initially I thought it was broken and despite me screaming at him the old C**T just walked off to the back of the coach. I think the rest of the coach were aware what the old C**T had done. I shouted after him and his wife that I hoped it would be a harsh winter and that he died, which in comparison to me punching him repeatedly in the face, was quite restrained of me.

At the car park my wife insisted I ask them for some ice. They made me fill out the accident book and they had special ice-bags (the photo is the one i got for my other bad finger) as it appears this is a regular occurrence.

This old C**T had his car (682 WAE) parked next to ours and it took him ages to pull away, I think he was clearly mad and beyond carrying suitcases or driving.

My wife had to drive us back as my finger was hurting. She hadn't driven my new car before, so it was interesting when we were on the motorway at 70mph and she went to put it in reverse. What fun.

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