Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Day 2471 (03/10/2016)

Tuesday started (well it was early-ish, well it was 10am but I hadn't had breakfast, so that stil counts as early) with a knock at the door and a man saying that they were going to turn the electricity off for a few hours.

I explained that I worked from home on a computer but they said there was nothing they could do but hopefully it would only be for 2hrs but no more than 4hrs.

So I had a few things to do in town, so I went out and decided to have breakfast as well, with a nice bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.

By 2;30pm the power was still off, so we popped out to a garage where they have a Costa Coffee  machine, with something to eat.  

Technically this counted as taking my wife out for lunch.

In the evening I had to work till quite late to catch-up.

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