Saturday, 1 October 2016

Day 2467 (29/09/2016)

It was a good one day session for an interesting business in Northampton, then a long drive home after an unbelievable busy month.

In the last 4 weeks I have given a 4day course, three 2day courses, two 1day courses and 5 presentations and had very little time off.

Thankfully we have now taken on another trainer to do all of our training, so I only have a few more training sessions to do over the next few weeks. We might actually be taken on another in the new year, so then there will be two people doing half of my job.

I will be moving to be the Head of Investigations (what a grand title for someone who just messes about on the internet) so then I can stay at home.

I might do the odd presentation as a sales pitch but I intend to stay at home from now on as its been a busy few years.

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