Saturday, 5 March 2016

Day 2257 (03/03/2016)

I was able to have a lie-in but then had to try and help one of the guys from the company, who had been to identify the body of a friend during the night, after he was mugged and left dead in a street about 30minutes away (he had spent many years in South America, so had friends in many of these places). He was obviously quite shaken and there was little I could do.    

Clearly Mexico is a dangerous place and the police showed little interest in catching the assailants.

So after that it was a tourist coach trip around Mexico.

Then to a local bar / grill for some food, so I was finally able to have nachos, which were lovely.

Then to the airport, where I was specially selected for extra security screening. How nice for me and the man who had to frisk me (quite a lot to frisk).

In the airport I saw something that Gary would have liked.

I also saw the first sombreros of the trip.

Then onto the plane for a very ordinary lasagne.

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