Saturday, 5 March 2016

Day 2254 (29/02/2016)

I arrived into Mexico City at around 4:30am and had a long queue for immigration, which went well as I was stood next to Henning Wehn, who I spoke to after showing him a photo of us both at his Bristol gig; then I was chatting to Jed Pitman, a previous HTV sports commentator, who lives in Acapulco.

This was the first airport I have ever been in where there is an area to book in your guns, possibly a scary place, especially for those without a gun.

Then a cab ride into the city and booking into the hotel, which despite being only a holiday inn express was quite nice.

I was still awake so had breakfast before lounging around for a few hours.

I went for a walk around and visited a nice Italian at lunchtime for a pizza.

In the afternoon I met the clients to discuss the training input. I think they were expecting someone a bit smarter as they talking about having to impress people from the embassy, oh well.

On the evening we went to a very nice Mexican for a local meal, which was slow cooked lamb & porky with a broth.

Then back to the hotel to sleep before an early start but seeing as my body doesn't know if it's on Mexican or UK time (6hr difference) could be a problem.

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