Sunday, 23 December 2012

Day 1092 & 1093 (22 & 23/12/2012)

Once again Christmas has crept up on us and its only a couple of days away, how did that happen. Why must we have it this early in the year, how are we supposed to get everything done.

So on Saturday I went into town to buy a few things but thankfully I had already bought a few things online which I had sent out already.

To celebrate Christmas we decided to have a Chinese.

Don't worry we didn't eat it all, it will be Sunday's dinner as well.

Update - Sunday 20:45 - We nearly finished the rest of the Chinese for dinner.

I bought the rest of my shopping today and have now wrapped most things up ready Christmas.

I never really bother with tags much nowadays, just for my wife and parents. You know the present is to you and from me, after all I just handed it to you. They may look like socks but they aren't, they are a collection of a few fun things but I'm not going to spoil Christmas by saying what's inside.

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